The Feynman Lectures

Van Theo van Welie ontvingen we deze e-mail:

The Feynman lectures "The Character of Physical Law", given at Cornell in 1964 and originally recorded by the BBC, are now available on-line as part of Project Tuva, a Microsoft-sponsored 'enhanced video platform' for science videos with searchable, video-linked transcript etc:

Tuva, now part of Russia, is a small country in the geographic center of Asia, which Feynman always wanted to visit; his quest to get there became a metaphor for his spirit of adventure. The Soviet visa finally allowing him to travel there arrived the day after he died of cancer in 1988.

Na klikken op de eerste link wordt aan je gevraagd om de de Microsoft plugin Silverlight te installeren (als je die nog niet geïnstalleerd hebt). Daarna kun je de films op deze site bekijken.

Na klikken op de tweede link krijg je meteen een film met Feynman in actie.